Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite Loving Abundance:

The Universe exist as perfect flowing Abundance in each and every moment. IT is self-fulfilling and self-sufficient and is never in need of anything.  I am ONE with this Perfect ABUNDANCE. ONE with Infinite Supply.  ONE with the very source of all good.

Abundance is the natural state of the Universe, which never lacks of anything. I am ONE with this perfectly ordered process, which consistently produces the Universal Flow of all things, including money.

I am not afraid to believe the Universe prospers me with money.  I KNOW IT DOES because I am a part of a perfectly abundant Universal Process, and I am prospered in every area of my experience including my bank account.

I know that Money is simply God in Action taking care of my needs.  I do not sweat over the need of money for any reason because God is consistently meeting all my needs in each and every moment, including my financial ones.

I engage in the activity of abundance by doing the things necessary to generate money in my experience knowing that as I continue to take action, money freely comes to me.

I no longer block my internal magnet that attracts money to me with my fears.

I can never be without anything because I KNOW all my needs are met according the riches and glory of the Universal All.

I am ONE with a perfectly ordered Universal Abundant Process, and I allow myself to flow freely in the cycle of ITS LOVE as IT manifest in my experience more and more wealth.

I see the amazing abundance of everything in the Universe… Everything! I know that I am perfectly a part of this Everything and I reset my mindset to stay open to the Flow of Money and Wealth into my experience right now.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!



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