Religion vs. Spirituality

There is a huge difference between religion and spirituality. We must come to a point where we are mature enough in Spirit to know the difference.

When we digest the meat our religion offers through meditation and contemplation, we begin to tap into our our Spiritual Nature and learn the POWERful lessons of how to balance our humaness with who we truly are as Spirits living in a human host.

Dr. Diva Verdun - Spirituality vs. ReligionWe become ONE with God and see everything from a new vantage point of Good. We become ONE with others and walk in the LOVE of Christ.  We become ONE with nature and see God in all that exist.

We are then open to allow each and every person to move through their own experience knowing that they are traveling at their own velocity in their journey of L.I.F.E. just as we are, and that they will come to understand the truth of their very BEING when we get out of the way and allow them to play full out in their own experience.

We come to understand that GOD has Everything in hand and that we don’t have to fix other people for God or any other purpose because we are now to busy fixing ourselves.




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