Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite Intelligence and Divine KNOWING:

I KNOW that all that exist is the ONE TRUE GOD, the CREATOR of ALL that IS, Divine Intelligence, Infinite Wisdom, LOVE and Understanding. I know that this Infinite POSSIBILITY is GOD living in and thru and as everything that exist, and I AM ONE with IT.

As I contemplate INFINITE POSSIBILITY, I become immediately aware that IT is simply GOD that IS, and God that is DOING and Living as everything possible.  In this KNOWING I immediately release my fears and shift my thoughts to see things as possible and working out for my highest and greater good first and foremost over focusing on the negative.

I see my L.I.F.E.™not only filled with immense potential, but as the very INFINITE POSSIBILITY of BEING and DOING all the things I dream of, because I know that all things are possible through the ONE and Only God, as I exercise the Christ Consciousness within.

I am excited and at peace in an ever-present KNOWING when I factor in the full understanding and vastness of the Almighty God as INFINITE POSSIBILITY, and my ONEness created in the Image and Likeness of this Divine PRESENCE.

I see my dreams as possible.  I see my ideas as possible. I see my relationships as possible. I see my good as totally possible in my experience, because I am here to live a L.I.F.E.™ of possibility in all good.

I am a possibility thinker.  I am a possibility doer.  I am a possibility action taker.

I am living a possible mission filled with all good, because I am ONE with INFINITE POSSIBILITY.

And So It IS!

Ashe’ Amen



I Love You



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