Today’s Prayer Treatment

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Divine POWER:

I know that all that exist is the ONE POWER in the Universe, which is the ONE GOD ALMIGHTY, and I am wonderfully ONE with this ONE INFINITE POWER.

I realize that the Universe maintains a clear and concise focus. IT never gets sidetracked or ahead of itself. IT maintains a consistent and perfectly disciplined process.

I am ONE with the Universe and capable of stilling my mind to be in alignment with the Perfect Universal Process that brings forth all good.

I am disciplined and focused.  I set concise, precise and specific goals, and I know in my mind that I WILL achieve them because I believe in myself.

I know that it is always done unto me as I believe, and I begin empowering my belief system by seeing myself as not simply capable of achieving my dreams, but actually living them NOW.

I do not allow doubt and disbelief to conquer my aspirations and damper my hopes. Like the Universe, I focus on the end result and do the work necessary today for the manifestation of my good.

I am disciplined and plan my work and work my plan.

I focus and take the necessary action toward the manifestation of my good daily.

I KNOW the ONE POWER has partnered with me, and I am not nervous or afraid to achieve my dreams.

I am not in fear of missing the targets I set for myself.

I am not worried about what may seem to be opposition to that which I desire to do or what other people say, do or think.

I am victorious because I believe in myself and my dreams, and I have charted a specific plan and take the necessary action to achieve it.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!



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