Today’s Prayer Treatment

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Infinite and Divine POWER:

I am ONE with the Universe, empowered with the same creative force and capability in ONENESS with the Divine.

I realize my creative POWER brings forth anything that I set my mind too, as it is always done unto me as I believe.

I channel my thoughts so that I am clearly focused on what is going on within me at a deeper subconscious level, and I weed out any negative thoughts that are not in alignment with my Divinity.

I am grateful and spend time in contemplation of thankfulness, rather than worry, doubt and fear. I realize that the more grateful I am, the more open I am to receive.

I release and forgive those that hurt me either willfully or unintentionally.

I no longer hold any ill thoughts or feelings against those that have mistreated me or hurt me.  I forgive them right now and release resentment to be free in the gratefulness of the lessons learned that have brought me full circle into a higher level of awareness of my own POWER.

My heart is filled with gratitude today, and I realize that each and every moment is a new opportunity to simply thank the Universe for all my blessings.

I move forward with a clean heart and a willing Spirit to live in the fullness of my very BEINGness.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!



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