Today’s Prayer Treatment

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Universal Intelligence:

I know that there is but ONE POWER in the Universe, and that POWER is GOD. I am ONE with God and therefore ONE with Universal Good, which is Abundance in every form.

I realize that my true intelligence is not in my book knowledge or experiences, it is the Living God that dwells within the depth of my own soul.

I am here by Divine Design to bring forth the ALLness of who I am. The more attuned I am to my ONEness with the Universe, the more connected I am to my POWER, the more good I manifest into my experience.

I realize that my L.I.F.E.™ is not simply about what I accomplish, but how aware I become of who I am.

I know my purpose for being is to explore and discover the depths of my own POWER, to fully express the Divine PRESENCE of GOD through my own unique and individual talents here and now.

I not only am filled with a great POWER, I am a GREAT POWER.  I am the only ONE of ME, uniquely designed to bring forth only that which I can bring into the world. 

I know that the guidance and answers I seek are already within me, as Infinite Intelligence knows all that there is to know.

I am attuned to the right answers that rise from deep within me, and I allow the Divine to open my worldly knowledge to levels of unspoken truth to elevate my mind and consciousness in the manifestation of more good in my experience.

I am grateful and happy and attuned to the Divine that lives within me, because I know that God can not and will not fail God, thus God can not and will not fail me.

And so it is

Ashe’ Amen


I Love You!




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