Today’s Prayer Treatment

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Infinite Abundance:

There is but ONE POWER in the UNIVERSE. I know IT as God, Spirit, Infinite POWER, Divine Intelligence, Father, Mother, Universe, ONE. I am in Divine ONENESS and never separate or apart from Universal GOOD.

I realize that it is my innate right to be rich. I was born into a promise of an abundant L.I.F.E.™, here by Divine Design to receive all the Creator has made manifest in my own experience.

I see money as a tool that God uses to prosper me. I am not in competition with others for my good, for God has already promised me all good and I do not have to compete with anyone for it.

I work to clear the underlying rotting negative thoughts that have programmed me to believe it is not pleasing to God for me to have money. I realize that it is these thoughts that have kept me in bondage regarding money, because my God is loving and giving and wants to prosper me.

I realize that money brings me comfort and convenience, and provides me with more opportunity to extend my natural gifts further into the world.

I believe that when I ask God for money, I get money, because God wants me to have money.

I realize that I cannot honor God in an impoverished state of mind or being, as there is nothing about an abundant God that is poor.

I realize that God does not want me to be poor, because I cannot demonstrate the grandness of God in an impoverished experience.

I realize that I was not born to scuffle and worry about money. I was born to live a™ of opulence, filled with all that I desire.

I erase the thought that to desire more and have more is bad, because my GOD is a God of more, that demonstrates abundance in everything that is. I am ONE with ABUNDANCE, because ABUNDANCE IS GOD, AND I AM ONE WITH GOD.

I realize that money is my GOD taking Action to elevate me to my rightful place of Abundance in my experience.

I am no longer afraid of money. Money is my friend and comes peacefully and rightfully into my experience to assist me in more than just paying my bills. Money prospers me and is in my experience to elevate me to a station where God is glorified through my Abundance.

I am grateful, happy and ecstatic that I live in an Abundant Universe. I am thankful that money is constantly and consistently coming forth in my experience in ever-increasing sums from multiple streams and sources to prosper me.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen


I Love You!



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