Today’s Prayer Treatment

Universal Presence:

I know there is but ONE POWER that is GOD, and I am ONE with GOD, created in the image and likeness of GOD.

I realize that all that exist is Universal wholeness. There is nothing but health and abundance in the Universe.

I am blessed with a miraculously self-healing body. I realize that my body will continue to heal itself and will function at optimal performance.

I realize that I am not my body, yet my body is me. I am a soul that lives in a body, having a human experience.

I know that my body can and will perform for me at the height of its capacity.

I realize that my body works harder to heal itself when I affix my mind on my healing and not my illness.

I see myself in a perfectly healthy and beautiful body.

I love my body and it loves me by regenerating itself to carry me wherever I want to go.

I constantly preserve my body, and restore it through positive mental practices, a good diet, rest and exercise.

I live in a state of perpetual health because all that exist is the Divine and Perfect Nature of all that is present in the Universe.

There is no dis-ease, only the ease of knowing that healing exist as a constant flow of good.

I am healed. I am renewed. I am healthy and filled with gratitude as I am mentally poised on my Universal Health and Wellness.

And so it is!

Ashe Amen


I Love You!




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