Today’s Prayer Treatment

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Divine POWER:

All that exist in the Universe is the ONE ALL LOVING PRESENCE, which is GOD, and I AM ONE WITH DIVINE ALLness.

I am grateful and happy that I am living a spirit-filled experience.  It is an experience filled with the ALLness of Spirit in each and every moment, even in times that I may temporarily fill totally disconnected from Spirit.

I realize that all that I experience begins in my own mind. It is always done unto me as I believe. Thus, today I choose to focus and believe in the spiritual process of my good, and I envision it manifesting in my experience.

I am excited that I have a wonderful ALL LOVING PRESENCE living within me, and I access it through the love I invest in myself.

I realize that my good is always prepared to manifest in my experience, and I am open, grateful, and over joyed knowing exactly how much Spirit loves and provides for me.

I move forward and take action in the process of my good. I see everything as good, even when it seems to be bad, because all that appears to be bad is designed for my good.

I realize that it is up to me to find the good in all I experience, and as I do, I am grateful for the lesson that came forth from it.

I give thanks in this moment for the ONE POWER that lives within me and through me, and I am peaceful and calm in my spirit knowing that I am held and enveloped in the LOVE of the Creator.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen


I Love You!




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