Getting Good Out of Bad Relationships

Dr. Diva PhD Online

Relationships can be a complex weave of feelings and emotions both individuals bring together in a tangled mix of pain, shame, baggage and codependency, dragged in from past experiences as they seek solace and healing in the new experience.  The complexity of combining what each person feels they need or feel they are not getting can become as difficult as untangling several strings of Christmas Lights.  It may be filled with hostile frustration that may make one more willing to string the lights around a person’s neck rather than string them on the tree.

What's Good About Bad and Destructive Relationships - Dr. Diva VerdunVictimization issues, childhood trauma, wounded and broken hearts, and denial all add to our martyr syndrome and codependency issues where one may suffer through the distress of a relationship that doesn’t work or worse may be totally destructive. The idea that the love you may have for the other person, or feel may be resident in…

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