ShiFt Happens

Things happen and are surrounded by such negative energy that it may put you into a negative mind set that you may carry around with you for years. This same negativeShift Happens – Dr. Diva Verdun energy breeds more negative experiences as you continue to attract them into your experience based on what you believe. You must be invested in doing the necessary mental surgery to shiFt (move Forward) your consciousness by being aware of what you are thinking and what type of energy you are keeping yourself veiled in.

Dr. Diva PhD Online

ShiFt ~ a change in direction, attitude, judgement, emphasis or position – (F – capital f represents Forward Focus)

The colloquial statement “sh__ happens” has come to describe negative events that happen in our experience.  However, this thinking keeps you focused on the “sh__” that is happening verse the opportunities that are presented through the unpleasant circumstances you may find yourself in.  When your thinking is skewed into negativity, everything seems to bother you and everything that you could possibly imagine seems to go wrong. When you open yourself up to possibility thinking you can begin to move forward and your thoughts shiFt (shift), as your beliefs and attitudes begin to change.

Sometimes there are no solid answers to why things happen, but they are always happening so that you can step into a new paradigm to discover new information that will take you forward…

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