Love is More than Words

Living in emotionally sterile environments, where people say they love you and have no feelings or provide no nurturing reinforces negative patterns of what love is not. Love is not a cycle of up and downs of being mistreated in one moment while waiting for love and respect in the next. It is not a cycle of codependency measures that continue to impede on your happiness while you work to assure the happiness of others.

Love is More than Words – Dr. Diva VerdunLOVE is a Constant in the Universe and it is a very strong and innate POWER that you must come to fully understand. You begin the process of fully embracing LOVE when you fully embrace who you are and begin seeing yourself as a positive force in the Universe because of the mere fact that you were created in this Energy. LOVE is way more than words, evidenced by feelings that the words “I LOVE YOU” are not enough for those that are immersed in the deepest romantic emotions. However, once the romantic fantasy is eroded away by time, the feelings and emotions of romantic relationships are left to be dealt with and the true discovery of love will begin.

Dr. Diva PhD Online

We have so many confused notions about love that we are not truly aware of the reality that we are actually LOVE BEING! We are created in and of a wonderful and electric energy that is simply PURE LOVE.   What we feel as a void of the Presence of Love can never be true because LOVE IS A SYNONYM FOR GOD.  We can never be without LOVE, nor can it ever leave us because we are LOVE(GOD) ITSELF in human expression.  Thus, contrary to what we may have come to believe, love is not a behavior or emotion, it is a Constant in the Universe and therefore a state of BEING.

Because we are living a human experience we have a tool box of emotional states that guides us into higher levels of awareness when we know how to use our tools to construct and build the lives we…

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