Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite and Divine LOVE:

I am ONE with the POWER of LOVE, which is GOD.  The Universe is fully the Energy of LOVE constantly engaged in a Divine Marriage to create more and more out of ITself.

I realize that in this ONEness I AM a LOVE BEING.  I am fully created of LOVE as LOVE living a human expression.

I realize that I can never find true love while seeking outside of myself for fleeting emotions and feelings because feelings and emotions cannot define love, they are merely activated and charged by LOVE ITSELF.

As I come into the full awareness of my POWER as ONE with the Divine Energy of LOVE, I realize that all I seek in the form of loving relationships begins with me.  I AM the Alpha and the Omega in the cycle of LOVE within my experience.

I clear my negative thoughts and erroneous beliefs regarding LOVE.  I realize that what I may have learned from others about LOVE may be fleeting and disappointing but this is not the true definition of LOVE ITself.

I see myself healed and standing in LOVE, which is Constant in and throughout the Universe and equally constantly in and a part of me.

I realize that I am not narcissistic or ego-centric because I love myself.  I realize that I am loving the very PRESENCE of GOD within me and through the true love I have found in loving myself I multiply love in the form of healthy relationships that I am now attracting into my experience.

Love is constant in the Universe and LOVE is constantly flowing in, through and to me.

And so it is!
Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!


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