Today’s Prayer Treatment

Divine Intelligence:

I know that all that exist is ONE POWER that is God. A POWERful PRESENCE that does not exist as a figure on a cloud, but IS the cloud and IS ONE with all that IS including Me.

I am happy and grateful as I realize the POWER of ONEness exist within me.

I am ONE with Universal ALL. ONE with Health. ONE with Wealth. One with all Well BEING.

I was born in the image and likeness of the POWERful DIVINE ONE, Perfect, Whole and Complete. There is nothing missing within, there is nothing lost. I have always BEEN ONE with the VERY PRESENCE and POWER of the DIVINE. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ, all I ever had to do was click my heels three times and know that there is no place like home, which is the PRESENCE of the POWER that lives within me.

I am grateful for my awareness of the LOVE of Spirit that lives and dwells within me.

I realize that IT is this ONE POWER that brings forth all that I need, dream and desire.

I realize that all that happens for me as good is demonstrated from my ONEness with the POWER of the DIVINE that lives within.

I am grateful and happy that I have this awareness of the POWER that is ONE with me that dwells within me as me. It is this PRESENCE that moves mountains in my experience and brings forth all good.

I realize I have never been without this POWER. IT has always existed within me.  I am excited and elated that I recognize the fact that IT exist within and I exercise self-mastery to keep my mind attuned to the POWER of the DIVINE that lives within, which shakes all things free just for me.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen


I Love You!




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