I Need Money Honey!

Money itself is simply an energy of abundance that is moving through the Universe to supply our needs. It is not the ruler, YOU ARE! You must learn to rule it, and you do this through your energy.

Dr. Diva PhD Online

We are raised in the greatest country in the world, which is filled with tremendous opportunity to achieve the so-called “American Dream” but most are living the “American Nightmare”.  If the country is filled with wealth and there is no shortage of any good thing including money, then why are so many struggling from pay check to no check?  It has to do with our beliefs about money and the POWER we have given it to control our lives.

But the root of all these evils is the love of money, and there are some who have desired it and have erred from the faith and have brought themselves many miseries. ~1 Timothy 6:10 – Aramaic Bible

Money is not evil. It is a necessary commodity that we use to trade for things we need and want.   It is the worship of money and the fear of not having any…

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