Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite POWER:

I am ONE with Divine Abundance. The Universe is always fully abundant and freely flowing. It is never in lack of anything.

I realize that I am ONE with a fully abundant Universe that is constantly supplying all my needs including money.

I realize that my fear regarding money tightens my flow of finance by restricting the energy field around me so money cannot flow freely to me.

I exercise self-mastery to overcome my fears and negative thoughts about money and the thoughts of having to work and grind out a living to have it.

I am ONE with the Infinite Source of all Supply and there is no such thing as shortage of any kind in the Universe including money.

I open myself to free-flowing positive energy as I continue to dig deeper and find and uproot the negative thoughts that I have embedded within my consciousness regarding money.

I am here to prosper in every area of my L.I.F.E., it is my Divine Birthright.  I was born into the promise of living abundantly.  I realize that in order for me to access my birthright I must become abundantly filled with positive energy that attracts more of every good thing to me including money.

I realize that lack and limitation drown my energy to attract money.  Thus, I continue to remind myself that I am here to prosper and that it is OK to trust the POWER within me to magnetize money.

I see my work as an opportunity to generate energy that multiplies into the form of goods and services that produces more energy that allows money to be attracted to it.  I realize it is not about working so hard, it is about allowing my work to generate more positive energy so that Heaven continues to pour out blessings to me in every form of abundance, including money.

I am a money magnet because I am positively charged to attract money through a wealth of good energy.  I am affluent because I have abundant flow in my L.I.F.E.

And so it is!
Ashe’ Amen


I Love You!




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