No Longer S.A.D. for the Holidays – 5 Keys To Overcome Sadness During the Holidays

No Longer S.A.D. (Standing Alone Depressed) for the Holidays – 5 Keys To Overcome Sadness During the the Holidays

There are so many individual issues to recover from in order to heal from being S.A.D. (Standing Alone Depressed) during the holidays. The depression you feel from being alone and broke is not a new issue that simply popped up during this time of the year. These are issues that you have been experiencing for awhile that piggy back on the global consciousness of LOVE during this time of year to demand your attention for resolution and healing.

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The Holiday Season amplifies our emotions as the global vibration of the planet begins to shift into a Loving Energy during this time of the year.  If your emotions are in check and you are well balanced with feelings of joy, love, peace, and harmony you will find these emotions will be intensified due to the global vibration of LOVE being raised at this time of year.  Unfortunately, this same intensity also magnifies our negative emotions as well.  Thus, if you already felt alone, lonely, abandoned, unloved, depressed and sad the heightened vibrational energy of the Holiday Season will also magnify these negative and unresolved feelings.

No Longer Sad Durng the Holidays - Dr. Diva VerdunWhile the Holiday Season is supposed to be the most joyous time of all, many people suffer greatly during this time from depression, sadness and being alone or not having the finances necessary to meet with the pressures of holiday giving.  This makes this…

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