Today’s Prayer Treatment

Father, Mother God

I AM ONE with Divine LOVE. The Universe does not celebrate holidays, it exist as ONE constant wave of LOVE always in the Divine KNOWING of ITSELF and in need of no remembrance.

I realize that the traditions we celebrate were originally designed to give us touchstones in remembrance of our own Divinity as we celebrate Spirit during the holiday season.

I realize that the feelings I feel, both good and bad, are intensified during the holidays as global consciousness elevates the vibrational energy of LOVE throughout the planet.

My feelings of joy or sadness will be elevated during the holiday season.  I realize that I must work within myself to deal with my own low self-esteem issues so that I do not suffer from loneliness and lack and limitation during the holidays.

I release self-pity and pain.  I embrace the global wave of LOVE and use it to elevate my own LOVE vibrations as I exercise self-love and move to work on changing the way I feel about myself.

I realize that I do not have to choose to suffer during the holidays over one day of the year.  My feelings of loneliness and sadness cannot be erased in one day.  These are things that I know I must deal with on a deeper level to resolve my own healing and pain.

I let go of my need to be a victim.  I know that I am Divine LOVE in manifest form and that as I exercise loving myself more, I heal all my issues from finances to relationships, because I was born to fulfill the promise of an abundant L.I.F.E.

I chose to use the holiday season for a healing rather than see it as a time to suffer.  I know that because the vibrational energy of LOVE is so high the very POWER of LOVE within me is being born anew.  It is this POWER that I feel emerging that shifts me either up or down from joy to sadness.  I chose to allow it to shift me up and move with it as I grow deeper in LOVE with me.

The Holidays are my time to rejoice in my own healing.  The true gift is in the recognition of my own POWER.

I see the holidays as a time to improve my own disposition regarding love of self and through this love I attract more love in my experience and I improve every areas of my L.I.F.E. to live more abundantly.

And so it is!
Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!


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