Stabilizing Holiday Triggers to Overcome Depression

Stabilizing Holiday Triggers to Overcome Depression

You do not have to choose to be torn between what you want to do on the holiday and what you feel you have to do. You do not have to choose to feel guilty about not wanting to be with certain family members. You do not have to harbor feelings of loneliness and loss because you feel you don’t have the same type of family as those that seem to be enjoying the season. You do not have to be disappointed that you will have the same experience as last year and feel let down and confused when it is all over. You do not have to be miserable because you have no one to kiss and cuddle. You do not have to choose to re-live hurtful childhood memories that have left you damaged about the holiday season. You do not have to allow these triggers to take you down a path of depression and sadness during the holidays or any other day. You have the POWER within you to move into your own Sound Mind to live the experience that YOU choose.

By putting the holidays in perspective and seeing your pain and suffering as an opportunity to grow, you step into acceptance and then into detachment from all that has hurt you or that you dread experiencing for whatever reason. You begin to see the holiday as one day out of 365 days in the year and come to realize that one day does not warrant this amount of emotion and effort when you have so much more to live for in the other 364 days you can experience.

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The Holidays is a significant time of the year where people all over the world are celebrating Spirit in one form or another. It is a time where the global vibration of Love reaches mass proportions as people begin to welcome the light of Spirit within their own hearts and share these feelings with others.  Sadly, it is also a time of year that triggers so many people to become severely depressed and lonely and move into conflict, guilt, shame and loss from the same sights, smells and music that make so many others feel the joy of the season.

While carols, snow, decorations and holiday festivities are welcomed by most, there is still a huge part of the populace that find themselves suffering during this time of year, wishing with all their heart that it would simply hurry up and be over.  The holidays can trigger many negative emotions…

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