A Holiday Blessing for You, My Angels!!!

A Holiday Blessing for You, My Angels!!!

May Spirit bless each of you with all that your heart desires, and more, not just for Christmas, but in each and every breath that you breathe. May you come to know that you are a beneficial presence on the planet and that you are here for a Divine Reason. Live in this truth.

Know that you are the key element and guiding light to many, even if you do not realize it, or feel like it. Know that your very presence is THE BLESSING that Spirit brought forth into the world. You are a great teacher, filled with love and light that leads by your example, even in the mistakes that you make because others are able to grow and learn as you continue to grow and evolve into the realization of your own POWER.

Know that love begins with you because LOVE IS YOU!!! Do not search for love outside of yourself, because all you have to do is click your heels three times to come back into the awareness of where love lives. Once you realize you are at home in LOVE as LOVE, begin to love and embrace yourself more than you ever have and watch the demonstration of love and abundance begin to manifest into your experience at an alarming rate, for there is no time to Spirit.

May this Holiday bring forth the courage to step out on your greatest dreams to live your deepest wish.

I love each of you so dearly my Angels… Receive the blessing I send you now… Breathe deeply and receive it…

You are restored. You are loved. You are healed in every measure of your experience.  Receive it!!!

Happy Holidays!



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