Emotional Self-Mastery – Overcoming Resentment through Forgiveness

Through forgiveness we release negative emotions and mental pain that keeps us trapped in misery and despair. It is not truly about the other person at all. Forgiveness is an inside job. If you were the one wronged there is no need to ask the other person to forgive you. They have no idea that you are holding feelings of anger and resentment against them. Forgiveness is truly a method designed for your own healing. It catapults you into the success of your own life as you begin to move forward again with an open heart.

Dr. Diva PhD Online

Resentment Keeps You CagedI have discussed forgiveness here on many occasions, however just talking about forgiveness without giving insight to the effects non-forgiveness has warrants a deeper understanding of how truly forgiving someone frees us to experience all of L.I.F.E. (Living in Full Expectancy – of all our good.)

When we have been wronged we process the pain and hurt and internalize it because it becomes deeply personal.  This crystallizes in our experience as resentment.

Resentment is a feeling of indignant displeasure or persistent ill will at something regarded as a wrong, insult, or injury.  It is deep-rooted bitterness.  It is internalized and deeply buried anger that controls your emotions, cements your beliefs, enrages your ego and even contorts your facial expressions and body language.resentment.contorts.face

Someone once said that the effects of resentment are like burning your house down to catch a mouse.  Resentment controls all your actions through a belief system that…

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2 thoughts on “Emotional Self-Mastery – Overcoming Resentment through Forgiveness

  1. Resentment…
    What are your thought’s my anger,bitterness,resentment is all focused at GOD. Do you think he hands out pain disease as a punishment?Could he just be bored? I don’t hear any one talk about his sense of humor. Should I turn around and seek him? He has spent much time and energy making me what I am today. I will cool off now and hope to hear back.

    1. Actually David these are very good questions. They are questions we ask when we are searching for a deeper spiritual answer. The answer comes to us as we begin to truly realize we are ONE with God and that all the answers give rise from within us. Thus, in essence your questions are actually the answers you seek in totality. What I share will merely become a confirmation of that which you already intuitively are aware of from within. This is because the POWER of the ONE lives within you.

      I know that seems like the spiritual hog wash of an answer, yet no matter how it sounds it doesn’t make it less true.

      We all move through our bitter resentful and angry experiences with God. We ask, pray and plead for changes and they may not seem to come. When they don’t come or things don’t change or our heart is still heavy we then tend to feel God had a hand in our pain for some particular correction or suffering we are suppose to go through to be purified or made holy to receive the answer we are seeking.

      God is Spirit and is having a human experience through you. Thus, God’s sense of humor is equal to the amount of humor you allow to flow in your own experience because God can only experience as much as you are open to experience in your own life since you are ONE with God. Likewise, the anger, bitterness and resentment towards God is always directed at self, again because you are ONE with God. This is why we must work on changing our own thoughts to come into an alignment so that we are aware of the POWER that we are born with in this Oneness.

      We cannot use what we are not aware of. Once we become aware of it then we step into the power of use of a thing as we take ownership of it. You are ONE with the ONE POWER, therefore pain and dis – ease… (disease) are experiences that we move through because of our own poor choices or lack of awareness. In other words, they are experiences of the human incarnation based on our own human error.

      God is not sitting somewhere waiting for you to do good. Nor is God waiting for you to fall and do bad to make a judgement. God is living inside of you partaking of each and every action, feeling and emotion you are experiencing. You can never be apart from God. You can ignore that you are a part of God and find yourself stumbling over your own feet. However, once you become fully aware that you are ONE with a GREAT POWER with full Access by birthright to this POWER, then you begin to understand that all pain and suffering are guides that lead you into higher realizations of the POWER that lives within you.

      No thing can outmatch God… Thus, when we come into the realization that we access our POWER as we become more aware of our anger, bitterness and resentment, we begin to allow these feelings and emotions to heal us. YES, our anger heals us… It is a release at the tap of the steam that we need to let off. Our resentment heals us… It is the hardening of our hearts that blocks love for fear of pain, but we come to realize that we yearn to love again through that resentment and we begin to soften our hearts and walk in forgiveness of grander levels knowing that it is our forgiveness of others that gives us access to our full POWER. When we are bitter we find ourselves cynical of everyone and come to realize we are blocking our own blessings, we grow through bitter into sweet and we come to realize that it is our joy that taps our abundance of life.

      This is the long answer to share with you this… You are already seeking God in your own way. There is no formal way necessary to seek God… All you need to do is ask a question, nothing more… When you begin to get the intuition of the answer you simply move with it. Many call this prayer, but prayer does not have to be a formal process, it can be a simple question. You begin to embrace your dark emotions and realize that they are there to teach you and that it is ok to feel the way you do because you realize you grow from all emotions, you experience because they are your Divine Tools that guide you into the higher awareness of your own POWER.

      God does not punish… We punish ourselves because we are not yet aware of the great power within. This punishment comes from our own guilt and shame. Once we align ourselves again with our own higher selves we come back to realize that we are always ONE, never separate and apart from the ONE POWER in the Universe that is living an awesome and blessed experience called you, David. Don’t judge it, just flow with it the way that makes it work for you… Formalities are not important to God… Do your Spiritual Practice your way… That is the way that God does it as you and through you…

      Love and Magic!


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