The Key to a Good Mood is Gratefulness

The key to bringing forth a good mood is being grateful right where you are. In the midst of every storm. In the midst of all the pain. In the midst of all that seems to be going wrong. Be Grateful… Grateful for breathing… Grateful for seeing… Grateful for reading this message…

You can find the smallest thing to be grateful about and it will usher in Joy, because Joy is naturally present in your BEING. In this joy you will begin to find Spirit will bring forth all the answers you seek and the abundance of every good thing will begin to flourish in your experience.

The key to unlock your abundance in all things is in being Grateful. Being grateful will elevate you into a good mood, and your good mood changes the vibrational energy around you, which in turn attracts to you all that you desire.

Remember… “Don’t Worry… Be Happy”...

Yes… be grateful in the smallest things… It will bring forth the natural joy within you, and usher in your good mood attracting to you every good thing.

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True Happiness Starts with Knowing Joy

Joy is Your Birthright: Center and Connect

Count it all Joy: Joy is Where Spirit is Leading You

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