Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite POWER:

I am ONE with L.I.F.E.  I allow the Saving Light of Spirit to be born anew within me right now.

I am filled with the Love of Spirit and know that the love of Christ is born within me in each and every moment.

I realize that the Christ is the Spirit of God living within me.

I am filled with the love and the warmth of Spirit.  I allow Spirit to manifest well-being in my experience as each and every trial and pain is melted away in the POWER of the Almighty that lives within me.

I release all that has held me back from discovering the fullness of L.I.F.E.

I allow myself to continue to grow into the depth of Spirit as I begin to realize that I am ONE with an Almighty presence that will never leave me short of any need, desire or dream.

I realize that I miss out only because I allow my mind to take me on a roller-coaster ride filled with fear.

I am settled now in the love of Spirit and I exercise self-mastery to explore the depth of Spirit within to access my own POWER.

I am LOVE ITself Expressed as ME.

I am the Divine, living a human experience.

I know that Spirit is with me in each and every moment, even when I have turned away from practicing the PRESENCE.

God loves me and so do I!

And so it is!
Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!


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