New Year – New Habits – New Solutions

2014 is your year to live L.I.F.E. and to live it abundantly.  However, the truth is everything that you ever desired and dreamed was yours last year and the year before as well. You have to be determined and get disciplined to achieve what you desire this year.

Know that you don’t have to wait 365 days to get a new start. You don’t have to wait til New Year’s to begin making any changes in your L.I.F.E.  You can resolve to make changes each and everyday. You don’t have to buy into the idea that you missed your opportunity because you didn’t reach your goals this year or last year… Just get back on top of things each day and keep at it until you make it happen.

Dr. Diva PhD Online

We meet the New Year with excitement and also some deep apprehension.  We are excited about the opportunity for change, so we sit down and come up with coveted list of things we will resolve to do or recommit to taking care of this year.  Thus, we set out with a fresh new outlook and our resolutions in hand to make a difference this year. Sadly, our excitement about a fresh start begins to wane as we allow our apprehension to revive our fears.

The problems we face with the New Year is not in the list of things we resolve to do this year, but in being stuck in our habits, patterns and old belief systems on how to do them.  We can’t expect change to happen, when we are not willing to commit to making some deep changes in our thoughts and beliefs so that we can change…

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