Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite Intelligence:

I know that all that exist is the ONE POWER, which is God and that I AM ONE with GOD beholding in the very Image and Likeness of the DIVINE.

I relax in the stillness of mind. I know that stillness does not mean I am not moving and taking action, It means that I am rooted and grounded in the Divine Design for my L.I.F.E.™, and that all the actions I take are Divinely Ordered.

I am peaceful within, even in the midst of what my ego sees as storms, problems, issues and crisis. I am peaceful because I reside in the stillness of the Divine knowing that there is no issue or circumstance that can outmatch God.

I take control of my mind and I declare that I rule over my thoughts not my ego.  I declare that I believe God is faithful no matter what my ego may come to fear.

I see fear and I stare it in the face and laugh because I know that God is always able and brings forth all the resources necessary in the proper timing. I let my fear know that I am confident in the fact that God never fails me.

I align my thoughts so that they are in agreement daily with the truth of my BEING, which I know is greater than any circumstance.

I am not boastful, just excited and assured in the confidence that my GOD is always moving and guiding me into higher levels of expression. Therefore, things that no longer serve me must fall away in order for the demonstration of my new adventure to manifest, which is filled with every good thing necessary for my good.

I am grateful and happy that I am learning to rest in the stillness, and move with grace and confidence in the knowing that there is only ONE GOD, ONE POWER, ONE DIVINE PRESENCE that is always always moving on my behalf through me to bring forth all good to me.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen


I Love You!





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