Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite and Divine POWER:

I AM ONE with the Creator. The Universe knows nothing outside of ITself and does not experience fear or failure in any aspect. IT simply trust the Divine Process and continues to constantly move forward creating more and more out of ITself.

I realize that I have allowed failure to cripple me by being stuck in fear.

I reach deep within and root out my fear of failure, fear of success, fear of what people may think and/or my fear of making mistakes and see all failure as an opportunity to climb the ladder of success as I continue to step up on each rung of the ladder to reach my goals.

I realize that failure is a valuable learning tool.  In my failures I actual see small successes.  I see my failures have brought me new information, guidance and wisdom that help me to fine tune my process to reach my goals.

I am no longer afraid to take the necessary risk to move forward in my L.I.F.E.™.  I realize that I can’t lose because Spirit is actually guiding me up the ladder.

I realize that my mistakes and failures are simply there for me to use as the catalyst to find the necessary answers that help me create the right success formula.

I am no longer fearful of failure, nor do I allow myself to feel shame from not being successful on my first, second, third or fiftieth try.  I simply keep stepping up on each step called failure until I reach the top of the ladder.

I cannot lose!  I cannot fail!  I cannot be denied my dreams because I am here to live in the promise of an abundant L.I.F.E.™ in a perfectly ordered Universe that is designed to bring forth my dreams if I will but step up and take the necessary risk to LIVE.

I choose to LIVE!  I choose to take the steps necessary to move into my dreams by stepping up on each rung of failure on the ladder of success. I can do it!

And so it is!
Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!




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