Healing Emotional Fractures and Wounds

Healing your emotional fractures and wounds means you have to look at the mirrors in your relationships very deeply. You must look so deep that you see the mirror of an issue in the other person that you may be suffering from yourself. This is not an easy task because the ego is never wrong. It wants to point blame and broadcast that it is hurting. However, you have to go deep past the ego into the pain itself to see the lesson it beholds so you can free yourself from the pain and allow your healing to begin.

Dr. Diva PhD Online

Experiencing deep emotional pain can make one fearful of their next relationship because you are afraid of going through the pain again.  Afraid to love someone who may not love you in return. Afraid you may give so much of yourself that you will end up being used or taken advantage of.  This is because emotional pain creates deep fractures, breaks and bleeding wounds that feel as if they will never heal, making new relationships difficult to sustain because of the fear of more potential pain.

Fearing pain means you are fearing living.  As a child, if you feared getting a skinned knee, you would never play again. You don’t worry about the knee because it is more important to you to enjoy playing, exploring and having fun.  Once you get that band-aid and a hug, you are off to exploration and discovery again.  Sadly, as adults we forget that…

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