Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite POWER:

I am ONE with the Creator. I am in Perfect and Divine Relationship with God.

I exemplify my relationship with the Divine in my intimate relationship and with my relationships with others.

I realize that the more I perfect my relationship with self, the more I perfect my magnet to attract healthy and rewarding relationships with others.

I realize that my healing, security or need to be loved can not be fixed by the relationship itself, but by me moving within to recognize my own behavior and character flaws as I clear my own negative thoughts and negative energy to allow the attraction of more good into my experience.

I realize that intimacy is not based on sexual relations, but on my being open and ONE with the person of my affections.

I realize that as I continue to make self-improvements, I attract quality relationships and/or improve the one I already have.

I realize that to experience the relationship I desire, I must bring forth the same qualities within myself as the ones I seek in my beloved.

I realize that my relationship improves as I continue to grow and work on myself.  I no longer need to attempt to control my beloved as it does not make the relationship better, but generates more stress and strife.

I practice the love of self, and in so doing, I bring forth more love in my relationship with my beloved.

I realize that to have the relationship I desire, it means I must have this perfect relationship already with myself.

I move now to step into a new awareness of self and take courage as I begin to clear my own negative energy and begin to operate from a place of self-love and knowing as I release my beloved from the pressures of my own neediness and fears.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!



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