Relationships Initiate Self-Improvement

Relationships are a slippery slope. You can get so caught up in attempting to improve someone else’s behavior and character, that you are not even aware of your own. A relationship can only level off to the height of your awareness of self. Thus, if you are not aware of the internal struggles you are experiencing, you will continue to attract others into your experience that bring trials and challenges that are designed to point you in the direction of your own healing.

Dr. Diva PhD Online

Looking at the way our relationships are structured we learn to use them as mirror reflections to find the things within ourselves that we need to focus our attention on.  As long as we are looking at the person that holds our affections with a critical eye, we are not focused on the reality that the reflection we see in the mirror is actually pointing at the issues we need to address within.

No matter how much we try to change someone else we cannot.  People only change when they find a reason to make improvements within and not before. By chastising and criticizing your beloved, you are actually driving a wedge into the relationship bond.  You are breaking down the bridge from which love freely flows.  Where you see they need to make self-improvement is also a marker that is pointing directly back to you, so that you can…

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