Relationships 101

To have the relationship of your dreams, you must become the person you seek in order to attract this type of person to you. You can only attract to you the mental equivalent of that which you already are. So no matter how much you desire the perfect relationship, it can only be as perfect as the relationship you have achieved within.

Dr. Diva PhD Online

An intimate relationship is one thing each and every person truly desires.  We all want to have someone to share special moments while feeling free in their embrace.  We want a relationship that is filled with great times, laughter, passion, compassion and great sex.  Unfortunately, the dream of the perfect relationship seems to be an unattainable fantasy for so many.  This is because once the dating game is over there is no intimacy.

The problem with most relationships is the preconceived thought of what a relationship should be, and the unwillingness by either party to change or accept change.  One person is looking for security, the other desperately in need of being loved and neither party receptive to the needs of the other person or to the necessary changes to grow forward together.  There is no equilibrium in these relationships even though the chemistry that set it off was originally…

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