Release the Rope

By releasing the rope of hope, your Spiritual rescue line, you demonstrate your faith in Spirit to fix all your problems and bring you forward into your dreams. You release the fear that has held you down. You release the negative thoughts that have talked you out of moving forward. You release the pain and shame that have kept you bound. You release the guilt of all the wrong doing and the mistakes you made. You release resentment and move into forgiveness of others. You step-up on the summit of your own POWER and see that there is literally nothing you cannot achieve once you simply release the rope, and let go and know that you are now on top of your issues.

Dr. Diva PhD Online

In prayer, you may get caught in the thought that you are stuck.  Caught in the thought that you are down and out.  Caught in the thought that you can’t get up, and may even feel Spirit is not there to help you.  The truth is that when you pray you are grabbing hold of the Spiritual rope of hope that pulls you out of the despair and swings you over onto the mountain top.  You can’t see it because you are still holding on with your eyes closed, clinching on for dear L.I.F.E.™ in fear that this rescue attempt may fail.

We have been programmed to hold on to the rope tightly so that we can be rescued.  So to imagine releasing the rope can be a very scary experience.  Spirit threw out the rope of hope, and you caught it, and you were pulled out of the fire…

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