You Can Have It All – Part 1 Manifesting Your Dreams

shimmering dreamsDr. Diva Verdun, Personal Transformation & Empowerment Guru You can truly have it ALL!  You can! It is a matter of belief in self, and knowing your ONEness with the Universal ALL that is perfecting every experience, every element, every facet, and every minute detail.

Desires and Dreams

Your deeply routed desires are the driving force of your hopes and dreams. It is the desire that makes the dream a reality. When you desire something, you can see it, feel it, touch it, smell it. The dream provides you with the space to imagine its reality in your own mind.  They become your blueprint for the manifestation of your imagined reality.

Dr. Diva Verdun, Personal Transformation & Empowerment GuruDreams don’t generally manifest the moment you conceive them because there may be many lessons and experiences necessary to experience first. You may not be ready yet to step into the full magnitude of your vision. You may still be carrying yesterday’s baggage of shame, blame and pain, meaning you are so engrained in what happened to you that you can’t see the blessing the experience is bringing forth. You may be stuck in negative life patterns, and non-serving relationships that hinder you from realizing the gift you are. You may be focused on making a living to the extent that you forgot how to live.  You may have isolated yourself from family and friends shamefully waiting for the day you make it big to resolve old wounds.

There are many reasons that you may be stuck in your past experiences and not prepared for the growth they bring. This is why dreams are so important, because in the dream you can role play yourself moving past your baggage to feel your power. You can practice rewarding yourself with gifts of love and acknowledgment. You can envision yourself standing upright living the L.I.F.E.™ you desire to experience.

It is the dream that keeps you sane and engaged. It is the dream that pushes you to keep going.  It is the dream that gives you hope.  It is the dream that also provides you with the blueprint to get there if you will but realize that the dream itself is the key to having it all.

The Realization of the Dream

Dr. Diva Verdun, Personal Transformation & Empowerment GuruThe realization of your dreams begins with the realization of your own resentment and the need to let go and forgive yourself and others for the pain you have been carrying. Living in yesterday’s pain serves no purpose today. The pain is merely an indicator that you must grow past something and do things a different way. It is an indicator that you must practice self-love, and forgive others to release yourself to be free to live your dreams. You must be willing to let go of how you think it should be, how the process should work, and/or how you think others should treat you or even feel. You must be willing to let go of your own ego that takes pride in always being right and enjoys being the victim. Acknowledging your own error is the key to stepping into the greatest opportunity to grow into your dreams.

Letting go does not mean you loose, it means you realize exactly how much more you gain. ~Dr. Diva Verdun

Suffering Forfeits the Dream

Dr. Diva Verdun, Personal Transformation & Empowerment GuruHold on to your dreams. You are not here to suffer through until you win. Pain comes from wrong actions to teach and guide you. You don’t have to continue to suffer through anything. Suffering is a choice and it forfeits your dreams. The dream is real and you don’t have to elect to suffer through L.I.F.E.™ in the hopes of its attainment. Suffering brings forth only more loss and suffering. By acknowledging the pain and facing it head on you discover the jewel of meaning between the tears. You find the answers that move you deeper into the realization of your own POWER and begin to stand upon the fertile soil that nourishes your dreams.

The only reason your dreams have not manifest yet is because you are still maturing into their manifestation as the Universe aligns you with all the elements for their demonstration.  Remember, the Universe manifest immediately everything in equivalence with what you believe. If your beliefs have not matured enough for you to believe you can live your dreams, then your desires are not strong enough to motivate you to take action to do what is necessary to achieve them. Dr. Diva Verdun, Personal Transformation & Empowerment Guru

If you believe in suffering then you bring forth more suffering. If you believe you are moving forward daily through every experience towards the manifestation of your dreams, then KNOW the Universe is perpetually working with you to align each and every facet for the delivery of your desires. You can truly have it all!

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