You Can Have it All – Part 2 Manifesting Your Dreams

Dr. Diva Verdun, Personal Transformation & Empowerment GuruThe route to having it all is one of processes. It is a process of growing through your pains and struggles to open into love and the full awareness of who you truly are. Once you align with your process and allow yourself to flow, you will grow through the learning curve and awaken to the magic of your own L.I.F.E.™.

The Carrot

Your dreams are the key to having it all. They are the proverbial carrot. While you continue to reach for them, they always seem to be just beyond your grasp.  It’s frustrating for sure, but your dreams are always in front of you guiding you forward.

Gestation takes time. The carrot is always something that you desire. It is the more of… You were created to always desire more. It is the yearning for more that keeps you moving forward into higher levels of realization of self. While stretching to reach for the carrot you are actually growing into the reality of that which you desire. It is during the process of reaching for the carrot that you grow through various experiences in preparation for the manifestation of your dreams.

Dr. Diva Verdun, Personal Transformation & Empowerment GuruThe Universe is an exact, immediate and purposeful producer. It manifest in direct accordance with your mental equivalent of that which you feel you desire. It is not enough to simply want something, or to desire it with all your heart, and contrary to popular thought, working hard is not what manifest your dreams. You can literally work yourself half to death, but all your efforts are for not until you actually feel you deserve your dreams. Only then will the hard work truly pay off.

The Universe is manifesting in each moment all your needs met, from the air you breathe to the food you eat. As long as you believe there is air to breathe you have air. You no longer even think about it, you simply KNOW it is there to sustain you. It is the Law of the Universe to bring forth, and it is exact in its manifestation. It is exact in manifesting for you exactly that which you believe and feel to be true of your dreams as well.

Believe you can have it all! KNOW it to be so and move forward with the full faith that all is coming into your experience exactly as you dreamed it to be. The experience you desire will always manifest accordingly in alignment with what you FEEL to be true for you as you continue to believe you deserve it. You have to FEEL what you believe is true for you!!!

Dream Alignment

Dr. Diva Verdun, Personal Transformation & Empowerment GuruThe Universe is aligning you with the exact elements that make possible the manifestation of your dreams. It is your birthright to live that which you dream, but it cannot manifest until you are mentally attuned to your own divinity.

The experiences that you live through, both good and bad, play a key elemental role in this alignment. Simply to pray and wish, or plead, pray and cry will not rush the manifestation into your experience. Whatever you are going through you attracted to yourself whether you are aware of it or not. Once you grow through it, you awaken into higher levels of awareness and step into your own POWER to accelerate the manifestation of your dreams.

Your mental alignment is the gestation period. It is your mental alignment with your truth and the elimination of all doubt contrary to what you believe you deserve.  Here again the key is belief. It is always done unto you as you believe. Thus, you must believe in yourself at increasing levels of awareness. You must believe in your dreams as the reality of your BEING   despite what may seem to be insurmountable odds because what you desire to see manifest in your experience is there for an absolute purpose because it must manifest through you. You are the only one that can bring forth your dream because it is gestating within you.

You Are Approved

Dr. Diva Verdun, Personal Transformation & Empowerment GuruNo one need give you permission for your dreams to manifest. You don’t need anyone’s approval, applause or blessing. All you need is to believe you can have it and that you deserve it. Your dreams have already met with the approval of the Universe. The Universe is merely on hold waiting for you to approve of yourself.

The dream chose you to give it L.I.F.E.™. That is why it lives within you. It is your dream and no one can bring it forth but you. You are the mother/father of your dream. You must give it birth. You must be motivated through your own desire to live it in your experience. No one can bring forth your dream but you. You may not manifest all that you desire tomorrow, or the next day, but what you do to clear your mental mess aligns your processes.

Dr. Diva Verdun, Personal Transformation & Empowerment GuruIt doesn’t matter how small or how big your dream is. Do not diminish the dream and loose hope because things seem to be going wrong. Your dream is real and it wants to become a reality through you. Remember, the dream is your blueprint of reality that is waiting for you. You must prepare the way for its manifestation by taking charge of your own mental state to align with the Universal flow of all good.

Dream big and prepare to win! Get up and take action to live the L.I.F.E.™ of your dreams. You deserve it!
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