Dr. Diva Verdun - Grass is just as hard to mow - Geographical Cures Don't Work

The Grass is Just as Hard to Mow – Geographical Cures Don’t Work

Thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence is looking for a geographical cure. It is your minds way of escaping from the mess you have created of your own yard. Yes, the grass may be greener on the other side of the fence but it is just as hard to mow and it will now become your responsibility to tend to it.

Relocating to greener pastures does not cure your problems. You are merely geographically changing your location.  You will continue to experience the same issues until you water and tend to your own physical, emotional, and spiritual needs?

Taking a geographical approach to solve your problems is running away from fixing the causation. It means you are looking for quick fixes without doing the necessary work to heal self.  If you have not grown enough to tend the grass in your own yard, the grass will soon die in the other yard once you arrive. This is because you take all your pain, shame, and suffering with you.

You cannot run away from yourself. Wherever you go you bring all the same problems with you, and they will not go away just because you change locations or scenery; meaning houses, relationships, jobs etc…

If you want a new life you have no choice but to make the necessary changes at the root level, your mind. The cure begins within. Once you begin to focus on clearing the dry weeds, which are the negative energy and pain, you can pull them up and start watering your grass with fresh new positive thoughts and energy.

Thus, the geographical approach to fixing your problems is an escape that only moves you somewhere else because you are running away from who you are.

Where you are will not instantaneously transform who you are into something you are not. You have to work on the transformation first and then see how green your own grass can grow.


Rev. Dr. Diva

Live Your POWER and Manifest Your Dreams!!


2 thoughts on “The Grass is Just as Hard to Mow – Geographical Cures Don’t Work

  1. Dear Dr. Diva,

    I have had a problem for a while now in regards to ‘grass is greener on the other side’. I do agree in its principle that it may mostly/usually be a running away method, however I have a certain aspect that argues a bit against it.

    I originally come from Asia and for college I moved to Europe and had no problem adjusting. I was open to what life in Europe was about since it is a very well developed environment compared to my homeland. I’ve been here for 10 years now and I have never had the slighest feeling of hate living here until about 1 or 2 years ago. It even feels so sudden how much I hated this place all at once and just can’t even wait for one second to get out of here. I find it difficult to say this bluntly as it may seem very judgmental, but it boils down to the feeling of being discriminated. It wasn’t new. I had mild experiences before already and wasn’t suprised by some individuals behaviour when it came to it. Cause I saw it just like that. It was something individual and not just another nation generalization. But with time those ‘individual experiences’ expanded. And what peaked it all was the fact that now it is even difficult for me to get food/purchase goods/get service as they just ignore me standing there. In some cases I am lucky and am not alone so I can delegate a friend to ask instead. But it makes me angry over and over again. Its such a basic necessity yet can be so frustrating. It really is eating me up inside.

    The best I can do about it is keep myself distracted with activities I like, but when it comes to gathering and parties I really avoid hanging with the locals and stick to other foreigners. It’s confusing as well as it isn’t necessarily culture shock of the western culture, because I spent some years in the US and would move back there anytime! But I do honestly worry that when I move somewhere (am currently jobsearching and applying abroad) that it might be the same problem again. Do you have any insights on this or advice as I am really really struggling to keep my head up.

    1. I am sending you love in this moment in the peace that surpasses all understanding. Breathe very deeply right now and receive it.

      Discrimination is global. It exist everywhere we go. It is our mindsets that can pull us into a dynamic that rises above this to step into a new environment. I am here in the US where the first black president meets with so much hatred, and still does today, which is played out through the world media. However, he has risen above that and only looks at what he wishes to accomplish as good for the country and overall as a nation we elected him twice to be our President. What I am saying in this example is that you will find discrimination everywhere and you attract it to yourself through your own prejudices and judgments. The more you focus on it the more you spiral downward. In the example of President Obama, he has not focused on the negative and hateful things that are played out even in our congress as well as society regarding him because of our countries ugly past regarding slavery etc… He focused on the good he brings and his true deep and compassionate love for ALL people, and to that an overwhelming majority voted for him and see him as our leader regardless of what the media seems to play out, and it’s evident because regardless of what they say, he IS STILL THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES EACH AND EVERYDAY. What I am saying is that you have to adjust your mindset. Moving to another country you will still be foreigners. Moving to your homeland you may experience class discrimination. All these things are judgements and you bring that judgment into your experience by judging others. You can change your own experience greatly by simply investing in the aspect of loving all people as you love yourself. If you are not loving self, you can not have compassion and love for others. Thus, the first discrimination is coming from a deep need for love of self.

      When we point the blame on others we are really in need of looking in the mirror to find within ourselves the fine line that resembles what is bothering us. We feel we don’t fit in or we shame ourselves for being different when being different and unique is exactly what you are suppose to be. Begin loving yourself at every level and begin having compassion for all people. Jesus said at the time of crucifixion “forgive them father for they know not what they have done”… People are operating from their own fears and judgment when they discriminate. They may be in fear of not being as good or better than someone else or have some other fear of lack within. This does not need to bear fruit within you. LOVE IS THE KEY!!!

      The grass is just as hard to mow because you bring with you all the mental baggage that will continue to attract the same experiences until you actually find the fine line that needs correction within.

      Love and Magic Precious ONE!


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