Fear - Dr. Diva Verdun

What Fear?

What Fear? Wow! What a great question we can ask ourselves to gain the courage to overcome our fears.

Remember, fear’s main job is to warn us of impending danger. It’s natural design is to trigger our fight or flight instincts. The momentary freeze in the midst of danger is the firing mechanism initiating the appropriate response as our minds kick in to engage a decision to take the necessary action. Fear was never designed to immobilize us from living. It was designed to protect us so that we can live.

All to often we allow our fears to crystallize into a false perception of things that we imagine to be wrong or to go wrong, and we hold these beliefs so deep within that in many cases we aren’t even aware that we are operating from a place of fear. This crystallized fear is still attempting to protect us even in the absence of the apparent danger. The ego will not let go of the injustices, and allows fear to flood the system causing internal turmoil and confusion immobilizing you from taking action showing up as procrastination, indecision, and victimization, or the opposite extreme as anger and the need to control others.

When you allow fear of something that hurt you, or was uncomfortable in your past to immobilize you it will cause you to shy away from taking appropriate action towards your own higher and greater good. Remember, deeply buried fear has no intrinsic power. It does not, nor can it, trigger the fight or flight response because it is a deeply buried painful memory. Thus, it is residual or left-over fear, which has no power to feed your brain the necessary chemical impulses for fight or flight. This is because fear only has enough charge to trigger the flight or fight response at the moment of impending danger. It has no more usefulness once it has fired. The residual experience of fear can broadcast a snapshot of what happened but nothing more. It is up to you to take that picture and put it away in a scrapbook somewhere, which is the process of healing the pain suffered.

fearimagesSimply to state you walk by faith not by sight does not remove fear because your faith is now in the fear, not in yourself and your higher power.

To step out of fear you have to realize one important element. You cannot remove it because it is naturally and spiritually designed to to protect you. It is very much a natural part of you, as natural as any of your other emotions. The work is not to remove fear but to realign it by realizing the deeply buried pain that is rolled up in the fears you have. Once you find the source of the pain, face it, deal with it and heal it, then you can begin the natural process of rewiring your fear mechanism back to its natural state of protection.

Until you deal with the source of pain buried underneath your fears you will continue to suffer paralyzing immobility shrouded in excuses and blame to give your ego a reason to continue its charade as a victim. It is then and only then that you will find the courage to step up on faith in yourself and your higher POWER to pounce past fear to live the L.I.F.E. of your dreams.

You are right! No, this is not an easy process, especially when you have grown so accustomed to your own patterns of thoughts and the way you filter information, interpret it, and do things. To overcome fear you have to commit to do the deep mental work to first acknowledge that there is a fear driving you, and then acknowledge it so you can uncover your pain. Once you do you begin the road of self-responsibility and recovery and no longer have a need to blame others for your own hesitancy to stand in your own truth.

What Fear?



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