No One Stole Your Joy – You Sold It for Misery!

Isolated by fear, pain and the lack of joy, you self-impose your own victimization process by focusing on the pain and your need to either blame or expect others to ask for forgiveness for the choice you made to live silently in your own pain. No one stole joy from you, you sold it for your own misery.  You gave up your POWER to be held captive by your own pain.

Truth is no one can steal your joy. Only you can make yourself happy or sad. Yes, the circumstances, issues or people involved may play a great factor in how you feel. However, no one can truly steal your joy. Joy is there, ever present within you just like the sun is always present day or night, rain or shine. Joy is like the sun. It is constantly there whether you can see it or not.  It is awaiting the moment that you let go. It is awaiting the moment you realize the lesson in your process.

When you are stuck in the process of replaying the pain in your mind you create suffering. Suffering is a choice. It is the process you have chosen that steals your joy, not a person or a circumstance. Replaying your pain and suffering creates new problems going forward because your focus is carving the same old experiences you find yourself living in now.

Joy Comes In the Morning! Dr. Diva Verdun http://drdivaphd.comJoy is a constant that exist within you. It is there even though you may not feel it right now. It is not something you get from outside of yourself. It is something that is resident within you that surfaces as you clear the negative energy and erroneous beliefs that keep you captive in fear, sadness and pain.

Joy returns just as faithfully as the rising sun once you move through your mourning process, which is the process of grieving through your shame, anger and guilt as you process the hidden lesson in the experience. It is the time it takes for you to peel back the layers to take back the POWER that you gave away to the pain. Joy is always there. It never leaves. Remember, it is covered by your fears and your own self-imposed victimization.

Once you have cleared away the debris and made a choice to count it all joy, both the good and the bad. You come to realize that the bad experiences are simply directing you back into a higher realization of good, and in that realization alone there is great Joy! It is for this reason that the Psalmist said Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning. (Psalm 30:5)

By counting it all JOY you are exercising gratitude in the awareness that what seems to be bad is really and truly working for your highest and greatest good.

Stop giving up your joy to your problems and issues. Stop allowing the fears you generate in your own mind to imprison you in victimization consciousness.

Nothing and no one can maintain control of your JOY… IT IS YOURS to BEHOLD ALONE. No one can steal it from you. You sold it to your fears. Count it all Joy and step back into your Good to live in the freedom of your own POWER.

Joy is faithful, just like the sun. It faithfully rises with the morning once you move through your own dark hours.




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