Are You Guarding A Concrete Slab?

Once you begin self-mastery work, you can go deep within to root out the fear of living that has kept you so guarded that you have subconsciously turned away the new experiences that you deeply desire to live.

Dr. Diva PhD Online

We go through so many painful experiences in L.I.F.E.™ that may leave residual memories that create automated reflexes that we use to guard ourselves from being hurt again. For the most part you are operating on autopilot not even aware that these reflexes are now controlling your actions and reactions. You may become so guarded that you reject a potential opportunity, self-sabotage your goals, or shy away from rewarding new relationships.  You are guarding a concrete slab(old beliefs and attitudes) that you may have laid to protect you at some point and now you have no conscious awareness why you are so guarded. You cannot continue to guard a concrete slab(old beliefs and attitudes) thinking they will protect you from being hurt in the future.  These emotions only serve to block the development of good as you move forward.

Guarding the Concrete Slab – A short story by Sandras Phiri

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