Healing Your Heart To Attract Love

The hole in your soul can never be filled by any other relationship except the one with self. Wishing and longing for someone to love you will never manifest until you love yourself first… READ MORE BY CLICKING BELOW…

Dr. Diva PhD Online

Thoughts of not being loved crystallize because we continue to practice feelings of unworthiness, guilt and shame that prevents us from realizing true love, which is the love of self first.  What we experience as love, or otherwise in relationships, manifest in exact measure in accordance to how we feel about ourselves because we attract the exact equivalent of what we believe.  Thus, thinking you are not lovable will manifest in your relationships demonstrating your belief. You will continue to believe that all relationships end badly as you expected; or worse you will continue to be by yourself and lonely as you continue to nurse a broken heart that never heals while feeling unlovable.

When we cease loving ourselves we cut off our supply of love in expression.  While we deeply want to be loved, the lack of self-love keeps us from experiencing true love in our relationships.  The truth…

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