Overcoming Codependent and Enabling Relationships

Codependents are enablers, which jump to rescue those they love. Sadly, they not only prolong their own suffering, but also create an environment that allows the other person to by-step their own issues by never having to face their own pain, meaning both people are unhappy and in need of healing. Playing God in the relationship never will result in the wholesome and rewarding union that you are attempting to build.

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Attempting to rescue others from their pain, problems, and suffering creates co-dependent relationships that bring the enabling or rescuing partner more pain.  It creates a one-sided relationship where one partner works desperately to make the relationship work, caring more about the relationship itself than they care about their relationship with self.  They essentially become a self-imposed victim, suffering frequent abuse or emotionally destructive behavior. Meanwhile, the other partner rides the relationship wave until it plays out to meet their own needs without care of the health of the relationship or the other person.

Codependency is an emotional disorder, where one partner will do virtually anything to maintain the relationship, because their own self-esteem is so low that they may not feel they are worthy of better.  Low self-esteem, which is brought on by relationship trauma suffered during childhood or from a broken heart, triggers these emotional disorders. The sufferer forfeits…

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