From Powerless to Powerful – In My Weakness I Tap My True POWER

It doesn’t seem to make conscious sense that we come into true POWER when we are POWER-less. However, this is the true process of letting go of our issues and giving them over to Spirit. We have the POWER to be free of the issues when we simply realize that we have no human power to fix or change the situation or other people. We realize that our true POWER is in relaxing in the peace and giving up the idea that we change or make anything happen. We ride the wave of our true POWER to live L.I.F.E. and to live it more abundantly.

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We must learn to make a distinction between being powerless and owning our power.  Sometimes we coming into situations we simply cannot fix no matter what we do.  We may feel powerless over ourselves and over the situation.  We may even feel that we are not capable of moving through a particular situation at all.  This is a plateau that brings us into the place of surrender, which is actually where we find our POWER to move through our issues.

Once we accept that we are powerless over a particular situation we come into a peace within that allows us to tap into our internal and eternal strength.  We give it over to Spirit and allow it all to just unfold over attempting to push and force an outcome.  When we fully give-up is when we fully have the POWER to overcome.

We can not change other people in any…

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