Are We There Yet?

Manifestation comes from a process of releasing and surrendering that which we desire to the perfect order of the Universe without putting specific demands on how it is suppose to manifest. What is yours always manifest in its highest and greatest good. Read the full message by clicking the link below…

Dr. Diva PhD Online

Sometimes we work so hard to develop our dreams, our relationships, our families, our careers, our finances or any other element of our lives, that when things do not seem to happen in the timing we want we get frustrated and disillusioned. It seems like effort wasted and time standing still.  It can seem like an eternity of working and waiting for something better to happen. We simply are not there yet and we are exhausted by the efforts we have expended to get there.

The concept of time is very different to Spirit than it is to us.  Spirit does not time things by minutes, hours and days.  Spirit operates on Divine Time, which means it simply manifest when all the elements come together with perfect precision.  Spirit manifest in perfect peace and total release.  Spirit is not threatened by our consistent force and demand for a specific…

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