Mental Surgery to Overcome Emotional Pain and Sadness

You must understand that it is the pain itself that opens us to the level of receptivity. We cannot simply cover the pain. It will not go away because there has been no healing. We need the mental surgery to address the issues that need to be operated upon. Once we do the necessary surgery we can begin the process of healing. Nothing can heal as long as we are still inflicting injury or ignoring the symptoms. We literally allow our pain to become an abscess filled with poison that continues to drain into our hearts. Read the full message by clicking the link below:

Dr. Diva PhD Online

We carry the burden of our pains around from year after year not realizing that they are like a cancer that eats away at our Spirit until the joy is so buried we can no longer touch it.  Sadness becomes a daily existence and we wear our mask to pretend we are OK, when we are hurting so deeply and our hearts are tired and broken.  We all desperately want the pain to stop and the sadness and depression to lift, but the question of how seems to be only answered with more disappointment and pain.

The reason we seem to continue to live in a cycle of despair, pain and sadness and the events of our lives continue to manifest more of the same, rather than what we truly desire to experience, lies in our emotions and feelings.  Because it is always done unto us as we believe, we…

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