Thank You for All the Birthday Love!!!

Thank you Lord for 55 amazing years of L.I.F.E.!!! I am so so blessed, and look forward with great excitement to each and everyday in the accumulation of a new year to celebrate allowing Spirit to express fully through me.

Thank you my Angels for all your Love! You each mean so very much to me. Your love sustains me, refreshes me, and encourages me not just on my birthday, but all year long to continue my own growth, and I value the opportunity to share spiritual nuggets of truth and wisdom with you as you move into the POWER of your OWN LIVES to grow into the exact personification of Spirit you were born to BE!!!!

Thank you for the Birthday Wishes!!! Let us love more and grow together in the dynamic movement of empowering the world through our individual light. You are immensely important!!! Never forget that!!! It is you that changes the world through your own heart, mind, and soul…

Sending you POWERful LOVE that moves mountains in your experience.

Love and Enlightenment!!!

Here’s to another year of Transformation & Empowerment for us all!!!



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