Independence Day – Being Independently You!

Dr. Diva PhD Online

We have to pen our own individual Declarations of Independence to understand that LIFE is fully available for us to LIVE ALL OF IT.

Living Independently as YOU! - Dr. Diva VerdunI’ve been writing the Independence Day series now for several years and already have had over 1000 hits on last year’s post on financial independence.  It is rewarding to see you are looking forward to every year with the encouragement, inspiration and fortitude to explore and seek to LIVE your INDEPENDENCE each year.

Our street is barricaded for the 4th of July annual block party and the thunder of the fireworks shakes the houses and all the car alarms are going off.  While it is admittedly loud there is something more explosive in the noise as it shakes my Spirit to find meaning in every activity we exercise on our L.I.F.E. paths.  As I reflect on the thoughts for this year’s Independence message I can’t help…

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