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Independence Day – Exercising Independent Thinking

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Celebrating Independent Thinking

Saying Happy Independence Day or Happy 4th of July brought about much contemplation for me.  It is a wonderful time to reflected on what does Independence Day really mean to me.


Truth is; do Americans really celebrate the Independence of our country or are they celebrating another holiday filled with BBQ, friends and family because that is what we have been programmed to do?  Are we simply celebrating the commercialism of it all?

July 4th is about the Independence of a group of free thinkers that broke away and formed what we now enjoy as a country filled with freedom and opportunity. The big question here is are we really free?  I mean truly free, free in mind?

Look at how we are programmed to go out and buy food, chips and fireworks for this one day.  Who decided that this is the way we are suppose…

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