Independence Day – Exercising Your Independence (Careers)

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Exercising Your Independence to Live Free in your Career Path

Here in American we are celebrating Independence Day.  America’s birthday they say.  America exercised its Independence and created what we now refer to as the “greatest country on earth” because we have so much freedom and opportunity.

This Independence Day there is much to reflect on with all those that have died in the last few days.  From those in Iran during the elections, to some beloved celebrities 070703_fireworks_hmed_6aincluding Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, Billy Mays and Steve McNair. Someone said it’s not a good time to be a celebrity.  Truth is, many people have moved on to the next experience.  These people are merely getting the media attention because they are public figures. Still the lessons here is very empowering.  What does Independence Day have to do with these people? Everything!

Each of these celebrities moved mountains in…

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