Independence Day – TFI (True Financial Independence)

Dr. Diva PhD Online

Happy B-Day America! Here we are again. Celebrating our Independence as a Nation.

I don’t have any issues with the 4th of July as our nations Independence Day, but I do sit and wonder how many people really truly understand what they are celebrating.  It just seems for the most part that people are more caught up in the act of celebrating, buying fireworks and lots of stuff they don’t really need without giving much thought to the reason for the holiday.

I love Bar-b-Que, fireworks and family too, but for me Independence Day gives me a major time to reflect on the struggles our forefathers went through for us to be a free and Independent country.  It’s deeper than just the countries Independence when you really put some thought into it though.  It is taking the idea of freedom to a level of action to achieve living the new…

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