Today's prayer treatment - dr diva verdun - Healing Relationships

Today’s Prayer Treatment with Dr. Diva Verdun – Healing Relationships

A Prayer Treatment for Healing Relationships.

I am ONE with the Universal ALL BEING!

I celebrate this ONEness on a Daily Basis, and I lean on IT not my own understanding.

I know and trust that IT, this ONE POWER, will never fail me and is always moving me through each and every situation guiding me back into the stillness and peace of the PRESENCE within my own BEING.

I release others to BE who they are, and I accept them as such knowing that all that I experience in each and every situation is based on my own action and reaction to my relationships to others.

I realize that everything comes back and boils down to me. I realize that either getting along or not getting along with others is my fault, and/or responsibility, and I no longer blame others for their shortcomings, but see them for what they are . . . indicators of the shortcomings within myself.

I face the pain of looking at my own shortcomings, because it is hard, but I do it anyway. I admit that I always want to be right, and I realize that in many cases I add fuel to the fires of my relationships because I don’t want to be wrong, and feel justified in my words, and/or actions because I am only looking at my own pain with no consideration for the pain and truth shared by others.

I forgive those that have hurt me now and in the past and send love to those that I have hurt or offended myself.

Today, I choose to take a deeper look at all of my relationships and a deeper and closer look at myself because I want to grow into higher levels of BEING, with more love, peace, joy and harmony in my L.I.F.E.

I am prepared to face the hard realities of truth that my relationships mirror and demonstrate as my own fragile qualities and flaws within my own character. I acknowledge I will listen closer, intently, and deeply to hear my own words as they reveal my own pain, and I will address my submerged issued so that I am free to move into higher awareness and the PRESENCE of my own POWER.

I am diligent in my self-mastery work as clean out the old smudgy stuff that I have buried deeply within, so that I am free to live in the fullness and joy of L.I.F.E. enjoying improved loving and harmonious relationships, because I am continuously improving my relationships with self.

Thank you Infinite POWER for the opportunity to know myself on a deeper and more intimate level and the healing process within.

I release my intention for healing through my word to go forth and be as so. word to go free to be so.

And so it is!!!


Rev. Dr. Diva Verdun​

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