Prayer Moves Mountains - Dr. Diva Verdun

I keep praying. . . When Lord? When?

Sometimes we work so hard to develop our dreams, our relationships, our families, our careers, our finances or any other element of our lives, that when things do not seem to happen in the timing we want we get frustrated and disillusioned. It seems like effort wasted and time standing still. It can seem like an eternity of working and waiting for something better to happen. We simply are not there yet and we are exhausted by the efforts we have expended to get there.

The concept of time is very different to Spirit than it is to us. Spirit does not time things by minutes, hours and days. Spirit operates on Divine Time, which means it simply manifest when all the elements come together with perfect precision. Spirit manifest in perfect peace and total release. Spirit is not threatened by our consistent force and demand for a specific demonstration. IT is busy manifesting all that is necessary and good in perfect and Divine Order.

Perfect Order will take place on its own time frame. No amount of force or begging and pleading in prayer will make it manifest until all the pieces have been equally matched and precisely placed in the right order. The part that you place in the manifestation of your own good is in releasing it to happen in Divine Order and Divine and Perfect Right Timing.

Are we there yet - Dr. Diva VerdunAll that you desire to have manifest in your experience is already yours. However, Spirit cannot move you into a house until the land is cleared, the infrastructure laid, and the house is built. Each one of the steps must happen in their chosen timing in order to manifest the end result that you desire.

Manifestation comes from a process of releasing and surrendering that which we desire to the perfect order of the Universe without putting specific demands on how it is suppose to manifest. What is yours always manifest in its highest and greatest good.

If you are having stress behind the manifestation of something that you want, it is because of the following reasons:

ONE – you have not released it to the Universal Divine
TWO – you do not trust Spirit is capable to meet all your needs and fulfill your dreams
THREE – you have specifically selected something or someone and demand the Universe manifest it as your good, when it may not be.

The Universe will manifest only your perfect and highest good, which in some instances will be more of the same issues you suffer through in order to generate enough pain for you to gain a lesson and make some changes. The Universe is not randomly manifesting for you. It is working with you in conjunction with what you believe. If you believe in fear and lack and are afraid to loose something, the manifestation in turn becomes more fear, lack and loss.

The Universe has no choice but to manifest your highest good, which is in this case is a lesson in the pain of the experience you are having because you refuse to let go and release things to happen in perfect order. Let it go. Let them go. Let it all go. Through surrender and release you step into the realm of more.

Your job is to be consistent in doing the mental work to clear negative energy and negative thoughts so that you are prepared to trust Spirit has your back. Everything always manifest on schedule in your L.I.F.E. It manifest in direct measure with what you believe in both fear and faith equally.

The Universe is holding you. Even when you are falling or failing, it still catches you in the Divine Safety net. All you need and desire is yours and in route to you in perfect order and perfect timing. It can only be delayed by your own mental detours, which demand and control the outcomes.

Trust in your divine perfection and know that Spirit is constantly manifesting everything for you in precise precision and divine order. All the pieces must fit perfectly together and they begin with your surrender to the Divine in total trust for your highest and greatest good. You are there! You always have been there. You simply have to open your eyes and let go and see all you dream manifest in your L.I.F.E.



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