Anger POWER! – Using Anger to Empower and Enrich Your Life

Dr. Diva PhD Online

Its time to get angry. Yes! Get angry. Anger can be used in a healthy manner to catapult you into your greatness. In most cases we are not in control of our anger, and that is why we end up having so many issues. Anger is a POWERful and Divine Tool that grants us access to our POWER by resetting boundaries and alignments. Remember, even Jesus got angry in the temple.

Getting angry does not mean you are always out of control and loose your exposure. “Loosing it” does not have to be detrimental or create shame either because it is bound to happen on occasion. Angry outburst are a release mechanism; much like a tea pot that starts to whistle when it lets off steam. You will regain your composure afterwards, and in most cases you will also feel better once you let off steam. As well, you have now indicated exactly how far you can be pushed before you begin to set…

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